mardi 24 juin 2008


Tomorrow I have a maths test, but it's 3 days before holidays and the reports are already written(read: I don't give a *bleep*). So instead of studying, I created a collage of things which I am pining for right now.

from top left:

1. Vintage Levi's 501 from ebay (I'd wear them cuffed)
= $19.95

2. Lomo actionsampler camera from ebay
= $43.95

3. Marc Jacobs black oxfords on sale now on net-a-porter
= $486

4. Floral Dr. Martens from
= $110

5. Children's Polo crewneck sweater from
= $44.99

6. (the most perfect) Marni platforms from
= $452

7. Tortoise shell Wayfarer glasses frames from
= price not listed, estimate ~$150

8. Leather backpack
= since the one I really want is by Alexanda Wang, I'd say $400 at least. AT LEAST.

9. White cable knit tights from
= $15

GRAND TOTAL: $1729.89(at least)

This is why I hate shopping.

4 commentaires:

cupcakes and cashmere a dit…

ooh love the MJ oxfords...they'd be so perfect paired with high socks for fall!

la petite rêveuse a dit…

My sister is going shopping for me as we speak in singapore. I am SUPER DUPER excited to be welcoming her and all my goodies home sunday. :P

Revilo a dit…

Learn to shop at k-mart & opshops.


michky a dit…

Naww poor Sunni. Shopping sucks, I hate parting with money.
Even the stuff I want to buy is going to cost me a fair amount =[
I might start up a blogspot... again. lol. Might actually keep it this time.