vendredi 27 juin 2008

some things which happened today and made me believe in humanity

- the buzz of 2 coffees before it was even 8am

- the third coffee which Gabby bought me after hearing I went to bed at 4am

- the printer which printed out colour but only charged me for black and white

- Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

- handing in my maths portfolio aswell as my TOK essay

- the nice lady at the train station who believed I was honest

- good conversation on the train with Yui

- the Thai pumpkin soup I had for lunch

- the sweet boy at the cupcake shop who wore Wayfarer glasses

- Justin being useful and patient for once

- the exercise I got from trolling the city for a good hairdresser

- eventually finding one

- the complimentary Japanese green tea served in a pretty teacup

- being the first to see Yui's new fringe

- the young man on the train with a bouquet of roses

- dad picking picking me up from the station

- being able to feel relaxed for the first time in weeks

Yay for the simple pleasures in life.

1 commentaire:

Revilo a dit…

Were you honest?

And I can't see you as a Marlon Brando fan for some reason...

Cute photo xD

(Bet you that guy with the roses just travels around the city every day in the hope of picking up...his family owns a florist, so he gets a nice boquet of roses and travels around on public transport, judging which girl would take the roses from him, and if he could get their number =P