samedi 14 juin 2008


It gets dark so early these days, which only further discourages me from doing anything productive. Although my exams are over and a large part of my internal assessment is complete, I don't feel a sense of accomplishment nor relief. I am still very much behind in a lot of things, but the weather makes me want to laze around and huddle aimlessly. I do like winter, but the Australian winter doesn't quite get cold enough, and instead just gets rainy.

I was feeling nostalgic for the proper winter I had in China earlier this year, so here goes an overdue photo spam of things I miss.

I think this was the second day of my trip and my cousin took me to a new restaurant.

Each customer gets a little pot of stock over a tiny stove and you get to choose what you put in it and what dipping sauces you want. Incredibly satisfying in winter.

I don't know why anyone would want so many mirrors in a bathroom.

Rehearsals before a concert she had.

Afterwards at a cafe.

It was a buffet cafe. You paid $20 and ordered as much as you want and could stay for the entire afternoon. We need one of these in Melbourne. I don't think my friends and I would go anywhere else.

This was her boyfriend, but they've broken up now, which just goes to show how outdated these photos are =P

This little bike/scooter thing really got around. I miss riding it. It looks so ridiculous but it actually gets pretty fast.

Travelling on the greyhound bus from Shanghai to Nantong.

My cousin's friend who owned a shop. She was the most interesting and free-spirited character I've ever met in China.

There were quite a few odd-looking hats.

Unfortunately this one wasn't for sale.

But we made the most of trying it on, none-the-less.

I think he wagged school everyday in the month that I was did my cousin I guess, but her school is arty. They probably don't believe in attendance tracking.

I don't know if you'd ever seen one of these, but it's like an adult-sized tricycle. There's usually a sort of wheel barrow between the back two wheels so that it looks a bit like a hybrid between a bike and a ute. There's sometimes a carriage at the back instead, and you can ride in it like you would in a taxi.

We travelled around in one of these a few times, but I always feel bad for the man cycling me and my cousin around, even if we are paying him.

More food. This is all we did really; eat.

And travel between different eating destinations I suppose.

We ate at McDonald's way too much. And always, we'd over order.

This was a little place behind his high school which only sold this type of fried tofu. I remember I remember I loved eating this when I was in kinder.

Oh, I forgot, we also went to the hairdresser a little too frequently. He had a nap each time we went.

That's my favourite hairdresser ever. He's an aspiring photographer and stylist, so we like to talk about fashion and cameras. He also gives us 60% discounts <3

Mirror shots! We all look funny in our puffy jackets, but it was seriously getting cold.

Walks along the riverside.

Funny kid.

Eating again, this time at my great aunt's.

And then one day, we woke up, and it was snowing :)

Ah! See that carriage thing on the right? That's the tricycle taxi I was trying to explain before.

THIS is winter. Melbourne sucks.

People look prettier in the snow, I think.

Ahh.....this was a bad idea. I feel even less in the mood for working now.

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Unrealized Fish a dit…

I really like your photos! I'm getting inspired.

Revilo a dit…

I've got four sacs next week, and as fo yet I've done absolutely no work. Been spending it sleeping and reading, and now I feel like total crap as a result. All m y muscles are just getting stiff from overactivity followed by inactivity.

I wish the Australian winter got stormy. Then I could really revel it in...especially good when so much of the house is glass, and my window is so large.

You know there's an "all you can eat" restaurant on Glenferrie road, right?

Cute hat...most suitable for some reason.

I'm hungry.

nonpareil a dit…

unrealized fish: thanks :)

oliver: i don't mean 'all you can eat' restaurant with gross cafeteria food and soft serve machines. i mean one which serves cafe food like cakes and coffee and milkshakes, and waiters who take your order and bring the food to you, so you don't even have to leave your seat.

and i hope you realise that glenferrie road exists only up to riversdale rd for mlc students. anyone who goes past that is either on their way home or lost.

Yarshk a dit…

You make me smile. Everyone looks so pretty in the snow.

Oh, don't you just love global exchange rates? Everything is so much cheaper.

I need to learn mando, then go to Shanghai.

Revilo a dit…

I've never been there myself, but I don't think it's quite a gross place, as you seem to believe it is...however, I'm not sure it sells cakes and other such things either...I'm not saying the quality of food is good, as I've never been there, but it's there...

And it's only just beyond Barker's Road. Unless I'm going to St Kilda or Malvern, I never travel past Riversdale road either.

B-shizzle a dit…

Cute photos!