dimanche 15 juin 2008


Snow people:

big ones

happy ones

melting ones

boy ones

girls ones

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Yarshk a dit…

I'm a horrible Boy. I remember once I was at Mt Buller, and I saw a young family making a rather ugly snowman. I had decided to knock it down after they left. Which I did. But they saw me, the children, in their car as it descended away from the slope.

but, I've always wanted to build a snowman like the ones in the picture books, with a top hat.

Revilo a dit…

I've only ever seen real snow once...we were crossing the Italian border...and it was fair pissweak snow too...almost sludgey.

We have a picture of a group of us standing in the snow with me screaming my head off, tears running down my face.

My parents thought it was just because I thought I was cold. It was actually because Edward had shoved a big bundle of snow down my back.