samedi 7 juin 2008


I am learning how to breathe again. The past week has been spent in limbo; never quite awake, yet never quite asleep. Such are exam periods I is both relieved and confused at the end of it.

Though I am definitely not happy. I *was* happy, for about 3 hours, but I am back to being a realist. Growing up forces little children to become pragmatic and somewhat pessimistic. I still have major assignments and essays due in the coming weeks, and I can't have fun knowing that the worst is barely over.
I've been rewarding myself with some much needed retail therapy though. I hadn't been anywhere other than school and home for way too long, so yesterday I went to the city to just buy things(I am definitely a product of this materialistic world). I went to a magazine shop which I used to visit a lot. My friend's brother works there, so I noticed him as soon as I went in. Then I noticed someone behind the counter waving to me. And it was my friend herself! She had a new haircut, so I didn't even recognise her. I asked her how things were going, and she told me she was making video installations at uni and working part time at the magazine shop. She seemed to be thoroughly enjoying life, and I felt very jealous. I think this is what I'm working towards: a uni course which will make me happy, a fun job and good hair. No asking for that much, really, am I?

I've already worked on the hair part. I was getting sick of my bob, and missing the asymmetrical cut I had last year. So chop chop:

It's winter and everyday is the same shade of grey, but a new hairstyle will hopefully cheer me up a little. On the way out this morning, I bought a disposable camera at the supermarket because I left my real one at home. It was an overcast day, perfect for taking photos, so I needed to have a camera. I have about 12 shots left on it. Tomorrow I'll finish off the roll and get them developed. I think I love film. Not just because of the final aesthetical qualities, but also because of the anticipation and suspense.

3 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

awww you look cutsy with your asymmetrical haircut!

=\ now i'm thinking back to the last time i was in the city. The city is always shades of grey, no matter what time of the year it is. There's a great lack of green and red. Plus! winter's, love the sly icy fingertips of the trees!


la petite rêveuse a dit…

*points out the irony in eric using the sentence 'the city is always shades of grey...there's a great lack of green and red

you know you're always cute.

Frida a dit…

i really like your photos, they're great!