mercredi 12 mars 2008

don't hate me but if you must i don't blame you

I am feeling wather sad. =(

I've lost the drive to do anything, whether it be homework, reading, watching television shows or compulsively cutting my own hair. I am so tired but I don't want to sleep. Maybe this is insomnia's redheaded cousin. (Nothing against redheads)

There is so much to do, yet I do nothing. This doesn't make me stressed, or scared. Just really sad. And maybe disappointed aswell. I start having weird thoughts.

I was thinking just before about being swallowed whole by something with a very large mouth (ie. a blue whale - yes, I know they generally only eat plankton and have no teeth). I was imagining how long I could survive lodged in something's giant esophagus. Would it be me to suffocate and be squeezed to death first, or would the 'thing' choke and gag and die before I do? To stay true to my pessimistic disposition, I'll be realistic and say the scenario is probably biologically impossible anyway. This is not a very fun answer to my own question...

I posted a silly video on Youtube last night. I am a silly person.


Why is there such a dichotomy between happy and sad? I don't want highs and lows, I'd rather just be apathetic forever. We should all wear our face like this:


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Anonyme a dit…

Each to their own, guess, but for me the disparity between joy and depression is something that makes life worth living.

You claim (complain?) that you're a victim of apathy, and yet at the same time wish that you could remain in an intransient state of apathy...

ric. a dit…

I don't think that the scenario is biologically impossible. It can't be that hard to get a blue whale to swallow you. Just have to time it right so that when it does open it's mouth, you get sucked in. After all, blue whales also eat small fish like sardines. Although sometimes you might have to try a sperm whale, like the one that ate Pinochio.

Being apathetic people are boring. Content people are also boring. So are happy people. The people who are always the most interesting, are the ones with a large chip on their shoulder who will strike out at everything. Don't get sad, get angry.

sunni muchacha a dit…

=) at eric.