mercredi 19 mars 2008

Lo and behold - for if you look yonder, you will see the biggest photo entry this blog has yet encountered!

Basically, I borrowed a Pentax K1000 SLR camera from my school last weekend to do some experimenting for artclass and went a bit happy.

To cut a long story short, I spent way too much money on getting them developed/printed. I then had to import them onto my computer somehow so I could print off copies(etc.) for my art class workbook. Since I haven't seen my scanner since 2004 so I had to take photos of the photos and put them onto my computer and then crop them. So excuse the fact these photos are weirdly coloured and poor quality.

What the heck, I'll stop complaining and making excuses et voila:

I started off the first roll at my local area's annual festival. I was there for the school magazine reporting because our school's marching band were in the parade. This part is very boring, but bear with me because it does get slightly better.

Practising...they look pretty cute.

My old primary school, St. Annes, was also there. This is Alana's little brother. He goes to St. Annes and he had to dress up in 'old-fashioned school uniform'..

And here's Megan his sister looking equally charming.

It was always a risk taking photos of young 'uns with their parents around.

Part of the parade. Looks very exciting doesn't it...

I definitely should've joined the marching band back in year 7 when I had a chance.

After the unspectacular parade.

Coke. mm

I think I liked the shadows or something serious like that.

Should've fixed the white balance on this one in photoshop. But really, I have just cropped and resized 43 images, I need to get out there and have a life.

Tram photos are actually better than train photos.

On Sunday afternoon I went to Maddy's house to help her with her photoshoot. I took some shots aswell, sort of like preparation for a more down to business shoot that I am planning.

(Be warned that you are about to see a lot of photos of felines on chairs. I give you permission to yawn)

I liked the shadows cast by the chair or something because I'm gay. Obviously.

Compulsary self-portrait in reflective surface.

This looks a bit strange...but honestly, she was just taking off the jeans she was wearing under her dress because it was hot(as in temperature wise..)

Grassy toes.



Wasting film.

The kitty is so alarmed.

Somewhere around here I begin to get arty.


I am quite tired, but tomorrow is last day of school. Gives me hope.

Good night and thanks for looking.

xo Sunni

3 commentaires:

'ric a dit…

It's so beautiful.
My god sunni, these are fantastic. For the latter more arty photographs, as you put it, really too my breathe away. It's quirky, it's different, intriguing. I'm not sure if it's the ISO noise, or the fact that you took a picture of a picture, but it colours, the texture, the composition all adds to a certain aged aspect to the piece. As in the picture itself looks like it has aged, and holds the atmosphere of the formal photography portraits, whilst containing a more morden touch in terms of the subject, positioning and framework. Your use of focus is wonderful, and it beautifully balanced. The subject matter in focus, but the blurred shape in the background adds mystery, absolutely compelling. The Gold the Whites, the Creams the hues.
Alana had grown to look extremely elegant. DSC_8570 is one of my favourites. I dunno, that picture looks like it could be a book cover, with "I'm not scared" in white Bodoni MT fount. Oh and DSC_8608 as well as DSC_8569.

Matt Lew a dit…

Woo Film SLR's rock my jox! =p

Some guy at my uni owns a D3...D2x (I think) plus a whole lot of nikon lenses. There's gear envy for you.

I realised scanning is going to suck since it takes forever but at least it's cheaper than paying to get things scanned. Plus I have more control over things.

How much does your school dev film for? Or do you just go to a lab? The chemist @ Monash does C-41 for $5.50 dev only but the turn around is about a day or two. I was reluctant to drop off film today since there's a good chance I won't get it until after the easter break. =\

Anyhoo the pics look great. =D What film were you using? I wana try Velvia 100 so bad but the price is $20+ a roll. T_T

michky a dit…

Sunni's photos are beautiful :] Lana &Maddy look very beautiful too *nodnod* They're both very photogenic &the pics are tres artistic. DSC_8608.JPG is my favourite because the contrast between shadows &light is really quite striking, not to mention Lana looks REALLY good in that dress. :]
Phwoarz. Having a good camera makes pics look amazingness ^^