mardi 4 mars 2008


Remember this? Well here's the result.

Jayne with her salad and her salad(double-exposure). And yes, that is electrical tape on the bench.

Playing with scissors and mutilating cameras. Woo!

Lemon tree double exposure shit. I think I definitely abuse my power to double expose.

Some poor woman on the tram getting her privacy intruded.

Old man in a magazine shop. Notice the Nylon magazine next to him...obviously a hipster and Cory Kennedy fan. Infact his shirt looks like something the Cobrasnake would wear. *judge*


Gabby outside Chinatown looking a little scared and with a piece of sky slicing half her face. Lovely.


Coolest frame of the roll(taken by Gabby). That is a big juicy accidental light leak RIGHT ON TOP of my VISAGE. Devilish, dare I say...subliminal.

And that's really about it. The rest were even more red/cyan, light leaked, overlapped, under/over, double/multi exposed, messy and craplicious shit. I am now very used to photolab clerks telling me that they don't believe the film was exposed properly and they are enable to make a contact sheet or scan them. It's ok, I tell them. I'll scan them myself. And that I did.


PS: My internet at home is in comatose aka fucking with me aka capped. It will be fixed soon though...I am living a half life without lovely lovely cyberspace.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I wish I was as revolutionary as you.

Matt Lew a dit…

Ooo 35mm in a Holga. I really must try it with mine. But atm I have a roll of TMAX sitting in it waiting to get developed. Going to cost around $13 to get it dev'd only from Vanbar. Which sucks. I could go to LabX but it'd take me around an hour by public transport to get there.

sunni muchacha a dit…

anonymous: haha, is this oliver? i am not very revolutionary. this is a pretty common trick..

matt: yes, try it sometime. but tape up the body very well. the light leakages are horrendous. i am low on cash aswell. i need to save up for a 30mm 1.4 aswell =P