samedi 29 mars 2008

In other news, I've woken up to some good old fashioned Nirvana. So nostalgic. I feel like I'm 14 again. Cute! I remember when I thought Kurt Cobain was the hottest thing ever, even in his 10 years of decomposition. But then again James Dean hasn't been exactly 'fresh' since 1955 and I still manage to imagine eloping with him on his bike. Hm...whatever happened to our generation of men :( (bar Gaspard Ulliel)

Speaking of Gaspard Ulliel, I have finally gotten over the fact that he is NOT going to go to my year 12 formal. Very sad, I KNOW, but I've built myself an unstable bridge and gotten over it. In the last two days, I've managed to go through two dates (first one realised he infact couldn't come) and bought myself a dressy!

It's from Mad Cortes and I got it for $299 marked down from $599. =D

I think it might make me look a bit frumpy, but Jayne said it was "very Sunni" and we decided it was a good deal. I am quite certain that I couldn't have found a prettier dress for that price and I don't think anyone else from school would have bought this either(God forbid). it appears this is the first 'diary' like blog entry I have written in a while. Sorry, but I just hadn't been really enjoying the last few weeks so would rather not wallow in it by writing about it. I hope you guys like youtube though =P

Bis bis
Sunni xo

4 commentaires:

Matt Lew a dit…

hehe decomposition. I read it as "decompose"-ition.

sunni muchacha a dit…

haha, well. 'decompose' IS the point that i am making here.

Alasdaire a dit…

The dress looks very good on you! It was a goo choice!!

Anonyme a dit…

Your generation of men is yet to come. Just give it time *flex*


Combine your phrases together, and Jayne called you "very frumpy"!

Nice cutting off of your face. It sort of detracts from the effect of the whole image though...

I like the dress. It's individual. And in that respect, it is very Sunji.