samedi 16 février 2008

ramble ramble

Last night I had this brilliant idea to try and load some 35mm film into my holga. I was so excited that I stayed up late with my little incandescent bulb of a lamp so that I could start alterations on my holga. Then today I went out bright and early and got me the cheapest film I could find (dad gave all of my film away thinking it was so last century). I finished off the film loading and alterations during lunch. Oh, funny observation from Jayne while I was doing anything but eating:

"Oh god Sunni, if anyone asks me how was lunch I'd be like 'Oh, well I wrote up a grocery list and Sunni stuffed her camera with toilet paper' "

...but at least my film is nicely tucked in now. Jayne later told me that there are 35mm film adaptors. She said that I'm actually pretty smart, I just waste my brain cells(and precious time) on doing things like stuffing my camera with toilet paper. It's a learning experience I say...and my nicely perforated at the edges photos will be so cool that it was worth it.

SO, the afternoon was spent avoiding the heat and rubbing my feet which by the way look something like this now. I tell you NEVER, don't EVER wear patent leather flats half a size too small and then go walkabouts your entire city. Also, when taking the Upfield train line in Melbourne, you know you have gone too far(doesn't matter where your destination is) when you reach stations with names like "Moreland"(sounds like it belongs on a Lord of the Rings map). I am happy to be alive and reunited with civilisation once more.

Did I mention how hot it is today? I had to hide in an aircon-ed magazine shop to regulate my blood temperature and put Bandaids on the blisters on my foot. Man I hate summer. I miss the snow. Beaucoup.

Oh! Happy days!

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Anonyme a dit…

My siblings all live like...100m from the Moreland station, and the next station along is Dunny's station.

It wasn't too hot...until the night, that is.

But I probably say that because I was in (on) the sea during the day =D

sunni muchacha a dit…

anon- hehe, that would make your siblings frodo and sam or something!


and, i got off at dunny's station i think. coburg? then i trammed back to the city on the 19 tramline. i'm guessing dunny takes that to go to work because that tramline takes you straight to vic markets.

anyway. hi. i spent yesterday afternoon walking in the sun in long jeans. it was HOT.