mardi 31 juillet 2007

catcher in the rye

It's now two weeks, though it feels much longer, into 3rd term of year 11. Last Saturday was the much anticipated(?) school formal; a time to tan yourself into an Oompa Loompa and get drunk before 7pm at the pre-parties or in the limo.

Oh, I'll give the world a break, it wasn't a bad night. I enjoyed myself. There, I've said it. I actually enjoyed myself at a social event.

Pre-party was at Belle's house. Sorry, did I say house? I mean manor, or maybe even palace...

As you can see we were all very glamorous and sober with our little glasses of non-alcoholic punch.

I'll spare you all one photo of me (as I did go to the effort of going to the hairdressers and trying to do my make up) But ofcourse doing the whole shebang was all worth it. Ok, not entirely true, stressing about shoes was completely superfluous, as no one in the end took particular notice.

Haha, what a mature looking facade.

Some of us were given the honour of being driven to the venue in Caity's vintage Jaguar. Stupid me left my camera with Jayne who went in the other car..

And we arrive at the venue: Albert by the Lake. Two gorgeous girls below are Caity and Belle.

Considering we go to MLC, almost the most pretentious and expensive private girls' school in Melbourne, you'd think they'd serve better food. But that's MLC, full of surprises, full of mediocre communal cooking.

One girl out of the 10 on our table brought a can't blame us for getting cosy with eachother =P

I have no idea who this guy is. That's Alyssa hiding though.

The music was nothing special and after dancing to it for too long, taking a break on the balcony was heavenly.

What a pretty backdrop! (ok, the subjects are fairly cute too)

And then it was 11 and the last song was played. It was "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne...more or less a message to the girls that if you've seen a cute guy, it's now or never: steal them from their date.

Looks like Jayne has had enough fun for the night. Little liar, she went out again afterwards and didn't go home 'till 5:30am O:

My feet were raw by then, so we went back to Belle's palace for a small after party. The nicest group of random people came and we had non-alcoholic fun. By then I was too tired to take photos, and as there were a few awkward moments between the less acquainted, my photo snapping would've been more than a little intrusive. After some rowdy bad singing(if one can call it that) on Singstar, most of the guests left and it was just Bernie, Gab and I who slept over at Belle's.

And it was downhill from there. I realised how little I had to look forward to now. And I realised how much I despised my life. My failure to be enthused in school, my social ineptness, my tendency to ridicule everything, my sarcasm, my lack of self general inaptitude at being a teenager.

Maybe I am being melodramatic(or mellow dramatic). I'm trying too hard to be the catcher in the rye. And we all know what happens to kids like that, they end up mentally unstable in some institution.

Ok, I should write my Macbeth commentary, and immerse myself into thoughts which will be graded, and do some analysing which matters now.


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huge-ego-sorry a dit…

I have to make a conscious effort to look more graceful. Seriously? Even curls and a really sweet dress can't fix taht for me i'm screwed. So want to go shoppping with me while there's still winter clothes/boots about? xx
p.s. you'll have to have watched house to get the name, think anagrams.

Anonyme a dit…

everyone looks exquisite, although it's a shame that you don't have too many photographs of yourself for show.