dimanche 15 juillet 2007

strange sots, firing off, losing track, missing lots

I'm an impulsive person; always has been. I don't think about things until it's too late, which contradicts my current pattern of attending all these Uni open days, information nights, careers expos etcetera etcetera. No prospective future seems to fulfill all of my obscenely varied repertoire of interests. I joke that hopefully I wont live past 18 so that I don't ever have to make serious decisions and act mature.


Sordid thoughts aside, I have had a pleasant week. Thursday night we stayed over at Michelle's house for pizza and movies. As I am an idiotically loyal friend, I waited 30 minutes in the dark cold streets for a pizza shop to open then place an order for a 'small garlic pizza' because I am unlucky enough to have a friend who doesn't eat any other pizza.

I later waited at the train station for 20 minutes at unease as I could feel my small garlic pizza getting colder and colder..

I am too chicken to take photos of people on the train directly, especially since my camera's shutters sound like a clap of thunder.

...but I guess that doesn't mean people on the train wont approach me and ask for a photo. After I agreed, this strange man put on his hood and raised this (rather suss) book in front of his face. "Terminate With Extreme Prejudice" - an euphemism for assassinate. And no, he wouldn't leave me alone, I don't really understand why homeless-looking strangers on the train find me so fascinating. Kim said they identified themself with me, heavens forbid. I now have an address to mail a print of my photo to. Really, if someone is interested, they are welcome to print out this photo and mail it to dear Steven of the Allamein train line. I will give you the address.

A while ago Gabby gave me a little dehydrated best friend as some kind of sick joke. I brought it to Mich's house so we could watch its hydration process. We forgot to.

A lot of bad movies, a solemn game of 'truth and no dares because it's 4am' and 3 hours of sleep later, we went on the train to go to a Melbourne Uni open day.

The first photo I take with my d70 every session I use it is always set under the wrong white balance. But you can see Mich and Yue in the reflection of my sunnies which Kim is wearing. Which is kind of nifty.

One white balance correction after! I catch Kim striking a terribly model like pose.

Poor Bernie is very tired. Very awww.

Kim is just too photogenic to sit opposite to on a train and not take undue amounts of photographs of.

It was a boring day, and I have had a boring weekend. I hate how fast holidays pass and how little of what I planned is accomplished.

Before I leave though, just let me give a quick taunt to Mr. Radcliffe, yes, Mr. Radcliffe, for he now looks like a twenty something under achiever old enough to be referred to as Mr.

Just look at this picture:

He is shorter than all of the female cast :( (the blonde on the left doesn't count because she isn't dressed up in heels) I don't know when the sweet little boy Daniel turned into a Mr. Radcliffe, but I do know that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was the worst HP movie yet(you can imagine my disappoint for I had infact been very eager about this film; so eager that I saw it the day it was released in Australia). It is sacrilege to the audience for them to cut off so much of Mr. Radcliffe's hair and revealing so much of his unsightly face. It is also sacrilege to cut off so much of the book. My favourite part of the movie was the ads and particularly the ad for "The Golden Compass". That movie is one of the few things exciting and motivating me in my life right now.

Really, I amaze myself everytime I write a blog entry by having so much to say about absolutely nothing.

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Anonyme a dit…

love your blogs =)
your ramblings paint a rather interesting picture of you, ibelieve that we, the collect minds of E-240, should nominate you for probing. ^^

And it turns out that "The Goldern Compass" is the movie for "Northern Lights". It's named the GOldern Compass because Northern Lights was released in America under that title. I"m looking forward to watching to trilogy. Hopefully it will serve it justice.

p.s: I still reackon the polar bear's armour looks too flimsy. And when is the movie comming out?

i am sunni a dit…

yes, i've loved "northern lights" since i read it when i was...10? right now, the trilogy is what i'm living for. i think the flimsy armour could give perhaps give it a more...subtle look? and then lead on to the 2nd movie the subtle knife! hohoho i am so amusing.

and who's anonymous?

Anonyme a dit…

Take a guess Sunji...how many people do you know that can spell reckon with an 'a'?

Actually, terminate with extreme prejudice means either
a) Beheading the subject with a battle axe; or
b) Killing not only the subject, but their family and friends, so that everyone is aware that they pissed off someone Major.

Did you check the hydration at the end? If so, photosdesuka?

Also...Harry Potter five was a rather good book (the last one I read of the series, and conestably my favourite), so I think I'm going to refrain from seeing it...
Hell, I didn't see the last one until a good year or so after, and then I downloaded it only because Alana said she'd seen it five or six times with her family =P

*is impressed with your dedication to pizza*
I hate doing that stuff, and it's impressive indeed to see that you'd do it...just for a garlic pizza too =D

*is also looking forward to the Northern Lights Trilogy, but isn't sure if they're going to be making the sequals...*

He bitched about me to the flimsy armour as well, and perhaps he's right in some senses...Iofur's armour could be flimsy...(not flimsy...but you know what I mean), but it did say in the books that Iorek's armour was always very...warrior-like. But hey, we seal fat has amazing properties =P

i am sunni a dit…

ok, i could tell who anonymousII was.

i didn't think anonymousI had it in him to read a book with such big words as aleithometer. but the contraction of the words "i" and "believe" into "ibelieve" and "reackon" were dead give aways...

Anonyme a dit…

Then why were you not able to ascertain the person who it was that wrote Anonymous I?

*thinks the comment about the big words is uncalled for*

So says Anonymous III...

Anonyme a dit…

.....sunji is so mean =(

from anonymous 1