vendredi 6 juillet 2007


It's been raining incessantly since the holidays began. Rain, well deserved rain. What our parched water catchments have been dieing for. Me? I love the rain. It's nature's ambient music and synonymous to a mug of hot chocolate and a good movie.

I've been getting around most of this week; formal shopping, birthdays, cake baking, shoe shopping, heck, even badminton. No work done though. I think my nerves deserve a rest. True, I didn't do much studying during the term, but I did do a lot of worrying over how I was going to get by without ever picking up a book. Now I can do nothing and feel no guilt. This hiatus is to me what the rain is to the water catchments...I am well deserving of it. I say this much too shamelessly.

"Procrastination is a sign of the well organised; by procrastinating I always know what I have planned for tomorrow" whoever said this gets a rowdy round of applause from me.

I would post photos of what I've been up to, but I've mostly been shooting with film. I finally finished the roll today and will process them asap. Today I took my D70 and went for a walk by myself around dusk.

The problem now is what to do when it stops raining.

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Barb. a dit…

i just loved your photos! ;)

mademoiselle a dit…

third photo is the fave you procrastinator!

Anonyme a dit…

whats with the white balance =S

admin a dit…

you should submit this to