dimanche 1 juillet 2007

I do not like holidays

Holidays have began but I'm no longer naive enough to be excited. Once term starts again the work will only get harder, and even when I finish high school entirely, it'll just mean life as a whole will get harder. No, I am not happy that holidays are here.


It's Kim's birthday today but as she's gone on a road trip to advocate "Make Poverty History" we brought her a supermarket cake to school as a surprise on Friday. Though, our surprise didn't work as we forgot that she wasn't going to be at school until after lunchtime.. In a fit of rage we ate the cake, plastic lid and all and recorded it to spite Kim.

Saturday Day:

We went out for a movie as it was Eric's birthday. At first we were seeing "The Life of Others" but me and Oliver's powers of persuasion succumbed the others and we saw "The Science of Sleep" instead. And what a wise decision that was indeed, the main character in the movie spoke Espanol, Francais and heavily sexually accented English; was artsy; a bit 'good' kind of crazy AND admittedly cute. OH how we swooned...

Emo child.

Gabby reminded me of the up coming formal. Fuck. She dragged us, sorry, led us around shopping and she found a beautiful black satin Alannah Hill dress. Unfortunately, I am neither as tall as nor as thin as Gabby so it's going to take me a lot longer than 30 minutes to find a dress that flatters and hides most of my body. And, I have no money. There are simply a lot more urgent and worthwhile things I can buy than a dress which I will wear once.

Saturday Night to Early Sunday Morning:

I went to a gig later that night but due to bad planning I was left at Flinders St station by myself for nearly 2 hours waiting for a different group of friends. Dark, cold, rainy, surrounded by emos, one could say I was almost a bit emo myself. I decided to burn time in a magazine shop and wondered how I hadn't discovered this cheap thrill earlier.

Eventually people came and we had Japanese for dinner because we are chic. Actually, what we were doing to the udon in attempt to share was far from chic...oh well. My eel was good at least(yes I am mature enough to eat eel).

It was "The Basics" gig but there were some other bands and comedy acts. First band to play was "Little Red" and they were the best after "The Basics". We all wanted to take the drummer in "Little Red" home, he was that cute. In a not-very-attractive-but-goofy way. Kim has been trying to get me to go to one of "The Basics" gigs for a year now, and after finally hearing them I'm curious as to why I didn't take an earlier interest.

Not great concert photos but I was too lazy to find a good spot and the other photographers with 1m long lenses were a bit intimidating. Apparently, size matter when it comes to lenses. It's kind of phallic..

I don't know what I'm doing for the rest of my two week break. Buying formal dress and shoes will have to fit in there somewhere. And I'll probably spend a lot of time being arty as I recently found out that the expected number of pieces for my final portfolio is double what I had thought. Shitz.

I've done nothing today but sleep and later we're going to this Szechuan restaurant for dinner which means I'll enjoy the food, but will suffer from abdominal pains similar to those of stomach ulcers tomorrow. Which means I wont get anything done tomorrow either. Damn, I do not like holidays very much, really, at all.

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aimee a dit…

hey i have friends going on the zero7 road trip!

... wait.. i know the girl who is organising it too... haha..

i am sunni a dit…


yea, viv benjamin is the organiser isn't she? she used to go to my school :) do i know you?

aimee a dit…

hahaha, no you don't know me...
i just rocked up from deviantart. holiday hw is killing me... and i love blogs with photos!!! lol lol.

oh.. you go to MLC - coz i know viv went there, well, i'm up the road, MGC. =)

Anonyme a dit…

happy birthday to me.........

oh look! you have a facestalker! ^^