mardi 7 août 2007


Homo sapiens you see have this tendency, compulsion, no; vital addiction, to playing Tetris. When misfitting blocks fall into view it is part of the human condition to see them as cumbersome, a problem that must be executed. Elimination of pesky blocks is arduous though, one must fit them together as well as one can muster and only, only, when the blocks form a complete row will they rid themself. And when this occurs, one experiences the best feeling known to man kind; the feeling of absolute exemption from misfitting blocks. Some may even call this Nirvana.

When I play Tetris, I can never concentrate long enough to clear an entire row. But that's ok, I just pretend I didn't see any.


"What blocks?"


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Anonyme a dit…

I must commend thee on your efforts of such a metaphorica blog. Lovely photograph too.

Although currently, my tetris blocks have been getting more and more absurdly shaped, some incredibly small and others incredibly huge. And as always, the row that had just diappeared is quickly replaced as more block rain down from the sky, but not only that, it's starting to rain heavier.

Eitherway, GANBATE~! or "Add Oil" =p

i am sunni a dit…

and I must commend YOU eric on such focus on spelling and punctuation!

Anonyme a dit…

He even mispelt the word in another language >.<

Tetris SUCKS.


That is all.

Anonyme a dit…

oh do hush yourself anonymous 2, i don't do japanese anymore, so my romaji is extremely poor.

from anonymous 1

Anonyme a dit…

Wouldn't you be anonymous 3 by that point?

Anonymous Pi a dit…

Well, this reminds me of bobettes. I'm now declaring myself anonymous pi.

HA leanne - oh how she cackled........circular functions is so not a good topic to teach immature girls. Its like teaching surds to immature boys. Gosh - maths is kinky.

Anonyme a dit…

maths kinky?
I'm sure that physics is a lot more kinkier, especially when the teacher is explaining the formation of AC current with a bar magnet passing in and out of a tightly bound coil of copper wires, hooked up with an ammeter. It's even worse when he decided to play along with the immature class and decides to demonstrate different positions ><''

anonymous log(7000)

i am sunni a dit…

who is anonymous log(7000)?


my guess is eric, but i didn't know he did physics..

Anonyme a dit…

Psh, 'sif use logs.

But yes, Anonymous log(700) [Who forgot to put in a BASE] does indeed learn physics.

Anonymous ε

*I used to have a bear which I couldn't name. Eventually my brother told me just to call it anonymous. As I didn't know what that meant at that time, I decided to. Eric's seen the bear, I used him in a Japanese oral in which I had to sell chocolate. I wub my teddy-bears...but no one can ever beat Anonymous, not even my giant teddy bear, who is, as yet, unnamed.*

i am sunni a dit…

i bet you thought anonymous was the name of some greek god at the time. heheheheh

and i suggest you name the giant teddy jane doe. anonymous sounds like a boy, so you should get him a lady friend for those lonely nights. unless you still sleep with anonymous.

that sounded weird.