lundi 9 juillet 2007

toe cleavage

"Oh you don't like toe cleavage?" is exactly what the shop attendant asked me when I told her that the shoes unfortunately couldn't cover all of my toes. So now I know, there is apparently a name for showing the base of your toes and according to the shop attendant it is "very hot".

I am disliking this influx of foot fetishes. I was watching Ugly Betty last night, as you do, and apparently Bradford has a foot fetish aswell. When the show first came out I remember people gossiped that it might be the next Sex and the City. Ironically(or should it be un-ironically?) Sex and the City also dappled in foot fetishes *gasp* I think Ugly Betty is trying too hard with the foot fetishes, though SATC is a hard act to follow.

Anyway, back from that tangent, I ended up buying the "toe cleavage" shoes afterall because they were purple, suede and uberly high; perfect for me and my formal dress. Oh, and there's another silly advantage......My formal dress is high necked and black, so very prim and proper, and dare I say, morbid. But with the added "very hot" feature of my shoes, my outfit will at least display some form of cleavage, even if it's in the phalanges form. That is about as promiscuous as I get.

PS: I developed some photos yesterday but Jayne is scanning them for me as it has been possibly years since I last caught site of my scanner.

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Anonyme a dit…

toe...cleavage. I don't like this outburst in strange fetishes either...there is definately something wrong with that shop assistant.

TOE CLEAVAGE? O.o All i have to say is that you have strange feet.

and you must send a portrait of you in your all so fancy formal attire.