lundi 5 janvier 2009

long hair and learner's permit

Here are some shots from a roll I developed a while ago. Christmas Eve to New Year's Day I think.

Hana chillin' on rooftop.

No photos plz.

Grimacing pussy cat, or something.

Cool chair.

Mum driving home on Christmas Eve.

Gabby eating noodles.

Jayne's poor focusing. I am holding up a weird sushi I wrapped myself.

Oliver at Gabby's watching weird music videos on new year's day.

Michelle on the grass. Her stretcher is looking both badass and cute.

Didn't like most of that roll, so I'm hoping to take some better ones on the next roll. Now that I have new glasses, I might be able to take photos which are actually in focus. Also, I am feeling like a change. I think I want long hair again, so I might buy a wig. I want to look like one of those Asian girls with long wavy hair and huge doe eyes, and then surprise everyone when I open my mouth and talk like a nihilistic cynic. It would be funny. And also, I really need to get my learner's permit. It's weird being 18 with no ID. Sort of defeats the purpose of it all, really.

3 commentaires:

Frida a dit…

I just must say I really love your photos. You'r so very talanted!

Yarshk a dit…

YAY for Type K split-image rangefinder. Easier to focus than whatever you've got.

Kat George a dit…

beautiful photos- what camera are you using?

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Nothing is worse than loving fashion and being a poor student- trust me, I've been out of school for over 5 years and I'm still a poor student!