dimanche 27 juillet 2008

tribute to sylvia plath

Some stills from a stopmotion I am making for art class.

I'm relieved that I finally got that over and done with. The problem with art is that I undermine the subject, and procrastinate from doing any work for it. I'm trying to get all my 12 pieces in on time, but I'm still about 3 short, I think. Anyway, fairly productive weekend actually. I managed to squeeze in some chemistry revision/prac, a photoshoot, chinese oral practise, a trip to the market to pick up some old photoframes and I think I might bake something later today.

Although my final exams are only about 3 months away, I am significantly less stressed right now than I was last term. Probably a false sense of security, but for the time being, smiles everyone.

4 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

I'm excited.
Let me see, let me look!
What is it! What is it!
Thats the whole point of the thing not to know
It's a bat, Will it bend. It's a rat, Will it break. Perhaps it's the head we found in the lake!
now children you don't understand, thats not the point of...arty stop motion stuff

nonpareil a dit…

you are a weirdo.

matryoshka a dit…

hehe. nightmare before christmas. another tim burton classic!

Revilo a dit…

Calm before the storm.

<3 Ewik.