lundi 14 juillet 2008

everybody wants to go to japan

My friend had her 18th the other night and it was announced (to much excitement) that the theme would be 'harajuku'. In the hour before the party I decided I would be attending, and did my best to put together some kind of a last minute costume. A simple enough task if it wasn't for the unspoken pressure for every asian to be extra harajuku considering they were, well, already asian. In the end I decided I couldn't go wrong as long as I had bows a plenty, a short skirt and a lot of white and frilly. Formulaic.

Here is the birthday girl, Kim, looking cheeky.

自拍 哈哈~


School starts tomorrow, I am in denial - sweet sweet denial.

8 commentaires:

Frida a dit…

how cute you all are!

Revilo a dit…

I did try and find your pictures on that godawful social site, but for some reason your collection, out of all the collections I saw, wouldn't load for some reason. Most vexing.

Some people seem to prefer hippy theme over Harajuku though...=P

(Excellent work, considering your time to prepare. If you want frills, you're obviously trying to hit that Lolita group...however, they go in for serious amounts of effort. For some reason your make-up looks really good, seems to work well. [...and make you look a tad like a clown.])

lolz@emos in 9?

matryoshka a dit…

oh alice.

.michky a dit…

Hehe you looked so very cute ^^ &fair effort, you looked very harajuku compared to some other people :]

Yarshk a dit…

I don't recognise Alana at ALL.

and not everyone seemed to have fully grasp at the harajuku theme. Oh well.

B a dit…

How fun!

Alice a dit…

What a lovely party that must have been! I love theme parties, they always seem to bring that extra spirit.

Anonyme a dit…

Similar there is something?