mardi 29 juillet 2008

i am a clockwork orange

My stress levels on an average day rate about 11/10. Although this makes me sound like some kind of wound up neurotic, I am infact quite the contrary. Maybe it's the combination of stress with learned helplessness and sleep deprivation - I somehow end up despondent and confused-looking more than anything else. My problem is that I tend to overwhelm myself. I set myself unrealistic goals, knowing that I am incapable of having the self-motivation to achieve them, thus leading to reluctant acceptance of my own vices. I don't know if that follows any logic, but it is simply how my brain tends to work. It's a vicious mechanical cycle.

Time has really been working against me lately. The past few days I have been juggling my everyday schoolwork with uni applications and studying for the UMAT exam, which I will be taking in about 10 hours from now. GREAT. Incase you are wondering, UMAT stands for "Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test" and it's similar to an IQ test. The exam is broken into 3 sections: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving, Understanding People, and Non-verbal Reasoning. My mind is overwrought with jargon, fallacies and rotating shapes right now after burrowing through practise papers all night. What I want the most right now would be to ctrl+c then ctrl+v myself a few times. They say women can multitask, but they forget that this is only applicable to menial tasks which require low brain activity.

Speaking of low brain activity, I went horribly gaga when I saw these:

They're basically just made of material which changes colour depending on the temperature, but I am simple minded enough to be spell-bound. Nevermind the fact that some of these items are even from the men's collection...

Anyway, I think bedtime now. Last but not least though:

You tell 'em Wingdings!

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