samedi 19 juillet 2008


I was writing this entry a few days ago, but then I got lazy and only uploaded the photos. Anyway, as some may know by now, Jayne is my walking and talking guide to good food and coffee in Melbourne. From cosy cafes to trendy new bars, she is somehow familiar with them all, and luckily, she likes me enough to share her new findings. This thursday I had finished school at 11am, but decided to stay at school and do homework until Jayne finished class so that I could go have bagels with her at the new place she found. It was 4pm when I finally had a chance to sink my teeth into some solid food, oh lord..

The big fish in the top right corner got so big because it ate the 10 other little fishies. It's a true story.

My bagel. The first time I came I was recommended the chicken one, but as soon as I made the order I was craving a prosciutto and rocket bagel. I promised myself that I would order the prosciutto this time, but they were out of prosciutto, so I had to have ham and tomato instead. POO! So upset.

Jayne always gets the nutella ones. Boring.

Fed and watered.

Since I had my camera with me that day, I also took a photo of the latest watercolour that I'm working on at school. It's almost finished, but I'm not happy with it..


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soze a dit…

I think your watercolour looks great!

peter rabbit. a dit…

where is this bagel shop?