dimanche 27 avril 2008

thursday ft. gabrielle

Thursday we had a surprise birthday dinner for our friend Yue except it wasn't really a surprise because we had to let her know or else she wouldn't have come...life is like that.

But I'm not going to post those photos because it's all on my facebook, already. (yea, I have a facebook. Deal with it)

Here are some photos from the afternoon.

Baby does NOT like photos. Too bad for her I am relentlessly resilient when armed with a camera.

Haven't taken photos of strangers for a long time...

She gave in.

We are so indecisive we couldn't choose which flowers to get for the birthday girl. In the end we settled on white roses. TRES unimaginative, but hey, you can't go wrong that way.

And here's one of me being smug and fed. Gabby looks quite cosmic there.

And here we BOTH look quite cosmic! Like some kind of nebula with two big faces.

Urgh, the sun is always shining in my bedroom. I don't know why. I appreciate it, but it makes me not want to work. BAD.

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