samedi 26 avril 2008

I am devastated :(

A devastated retard.

When I was doing my photoshoot today, I didn't wind on the 2nd roll of film properly. I shot 36 well thought out photos onto nothing. And now I only have half the number of shots as I thought I did. SIGH.

I am learning to breathe again. Though thoughts of self-infliction still meander. How could I have not wound on the film?!! I had checked. Next time I will double, no triple, check. Quadruple check.
Here are some digital snapshots I took because the little ones wanted to see what they'd look like:

I somehow quite like this blurry shot.

Before I leave I want to share my current craving for the movie Autumn in New York. Although most consider it a terrible movie (I do aswell to an extent - though I can't believe imdb gave it a 4.6/10(!)), I just love the character which Winona Ryder plays! She is so lovely and wears such darling outfits. And her bedroom is sublime, I remember after watching the movie I wanted to make some type of ethereal mobile aswell. Unfortunately for me I can't find my Autumn in New York DVD to rewatch my favourite moments :( Heartbreaking, I know. Oh well, enjoy these pictures from the movie.

(This dress and her hairclip is pure perfection!)

Even if it had a weak storyline and uninspiring dialogue, at least Winona Ryder looked amazing in it.

3 commentaires:

Matt Lew a dit…

Those photos are scary. >_>

Meg a dit…

Winona Ryder is awesome. From Heathers to now, the girl can do no wrong in my book in the sartorial stakes...except for the stealing of clothes part. Her hair is envy-inducing.

L a dit…

She is beautiful!