lundi 14 avril 2008

"Loogie" is a portmanteau word of "lung cookie."

Right now, I am one big loogie who sounds like a man in drag. Except not as hot.

Speaking of hot....

Braces and a 'ROCK ON!!' face really just exemplified my elegance at my formal last Saturday night.

Though luckily, there were a few relatively cute and serious photos.

Am glad that over hyped event is over. How anti-climatic though... =/

Just me and my school related deadlines now. Schweet.

4 commentaires:

86282062J a dit…

Oh, sunni, you are so pretty, even when your standing amongst your friends ;)

hmmm, it's not right for a guy to be carrying a hulking camera at a formal is it? i mean, at least you seem to have a bag which you carry it in. =\

totally liking that rock on pic

Alasdaire a dit…

i like your pictures. you are really beautiful!

nonpareil a dit…

eric: well, i couldn't fit my camera in my bag anyway. ;) it's not thaat much of a hassle.

alasdaire: aww thanks but usually i look like a mess because i can't be bothered wearing makeup and doing my hair.

la petite rêveuse a dit…

your total lack of enthusiasm for photo posting makes me think you enjoyed last year more ? :P