samedi 1 septembre 2007

a lot to do with trains

Tomorrow I have to:

- Write an English commentary
- Write a TOK oral
- Fill in a term's worth of pages in my art research workbook
- Oh, and fill in a term's worth of TOK journal entries
- Clean my room
- Re-do my wall
- Read Macbeth again
- Read a Chinese book with mum (I'm going to feel SO condescended..)
- and do something Father's Day-ish.

monumental sigh. How are your weekends?

Gah, on a happier note, some of my photos were finally processed. Yippeeeeee!

I'm going to be a whore now and post pretty much all of them. In chronological order obviously (these date back as far as 2 months :|)

Something terribly faulty happened to the first frame. I almost like it though..

Waiting for train photo.

Still waiting...

Waiting for trains brings out the narcissism in all of us obviously...

The $10 camera doesn't cope well in anything other than broad daylight. So there's going to be more dodgey, dingy, shady (etc.) pictures to come. *blush*

At that great arcade across the road from Degrave's.


We went to Melbourne Uni for their open day. Though we don't really want to go there (it's an IB snob thing)

Cute eh? ^^

My eskimo friend.

Gabby decided that since I would probably never go to Melbourne Uni as a student, she'd take a touristy photo of me with the nice building to mark the occasion.

I'm in the middle of chewing gum and talking. Classy :9

Yea, dodgey bad photo..

Honestly, don't remember taking this one. Must've seen something funny in that frame at the time..

This and the following were taken when my cousin and I invaded Preshil (as we often do) to use their basketball court(s).

This is a big mushroom we found.

and this is their little vegie patch which I visit every now and again to remind myself of the simple pleasures in life. My cousin and I love Preshil's charming little school grounds. ^^

Michelle being emo-tional. Once again, terrible(no, non-existent) lighting.

eheh, Jayne reminded me of what happened in this picture. We were next to the train station and we could hear the train coming, but I just had to take a photo of the red post box. We made it onto the train though =P Skillz.

Yea, I take a lot of photos around train stations..


still at the station..

outside the station now...

Wasting more film..

And finally dad picks me up from the station. This is from back window of the car. If you look closely you can see the city buildings in the distance...this is probably the prettiest photo from the roll; I fail at life.

Eating Japanese food! Something funky happened at these last few frames aswell. You can see a sliver of Bernie's nose and hand to the right of this picture (do you see it?)

More terrible lighting and pointless photos.

LAST FRAME! But it's another faulty one. Though I don't mind, it now has two of my favourite things in it; abundant bottles of paints and inks and Japanese food.

OK. That was a lot of time spent blogging. The "tomorrow" which I mentioned at the top of this entry is almost "today" now. I'm going to sleep for a few meager hours now and then attack my to-do list with gusto! *feeling spirited*

bonne nuit mes cheries~

7 commentaires:

Terri a dit…

did you get the photos developed at a store? or did you do them yourself? : O

then did you scan them? i'm so jealous of your photography skills ><

sunni muchacha a dit…

hey terri, the photos were developed by minilab clerks, i have no idea nor access to colour photo developing. :)

and i didn't scan them, just took photos of them with my digital camera 'cause i've no idea where my scanner is. haha. and i'm not that great at taking photos, i've barely reached amateur status.

Peter a dit…

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as it sounds...

You certainly do take rather a lot of photos around train stops...perhaps procrastination feeds the creativity centre in your mind?

Little Foot a dit…

We were marvelling at the massiveness of the leaves and acting like dinosaurs (aka littlefoot) and eating the tree stars

sunni muchacha a dit…

were we now littlefoot? how charming of us!

No Freaking Wei a dit…

photos are epic.

what camera u use?

sunni muchacha a dit…

hi "no freaking wei"

thanks for liking the photos. the camera i used was this plastic pink piece of crap of a camera. the developing cost more than the camera itself :P the film i used was 200 kodak gold. maybe expired...