lundi 24 septembre 2007

sandy point

My beautiful friend Alana invited me to her beach house for the weekend. I've known that she has a beach house at Sandy Point (southern coast of Victoria, Australia incase you're wondering) since I was 10 probably and she's been inviting me since we were 12. BUT, for some reason I hadn't ever been until now...why? I don't know, if I knew I wouldn't be here and would instead be out there living a more worthwhile life.

I was really rather excited that she had invited me because I had just been planning to do a photoshoot at a beach but didn't know where I could find a nice deserted one. Sandy Point was perfect <3 For the shoot I'd decided to use a lomo actionsampler(I'm sooooo stupid) but I only brought down 400 film and it was such a sunny day that I bet everything just got overexposed and won't be able to be fixed during developing NOR in photoshop and it'll be shit and kjgkdjklcfdafd. So I was real angry and took a few shots with my trusty (kiss kiss) D70 and here they are:

If nothing else works I will have these not very good and also strange looking shots at was meant to be Jackson Pollock-ish but instead it's more Saw meets Kill Bill.

OK. Yea, that photoshooot was a disaster, Alana got paint on her bathers, I almost dropped D70 into the sea, I chucked paint in the wrong direction because of the wind, I lost my head, there was sand EVERYWHERE, Alana got paint in her mouth, she was blindfolded so was having severe anxiety attacks, I wasn't blindfolded but was also having severe anxiety attacks....we were just glad when it was all over.

This is my hand at the end of it. And unfortunately, the red paint didn't want to come off easily so I just look like some kind of murderer or butcher now..

The bag of equipment and props after being used. Wasn't nice. I wanted to incinerate it.

The room we stayed in...I thought it was charming but alone..could be creepy.

This is Alana's little sister, she is such a sweetheart I could eat her ^^ But she has a bad habit of repeating the lines in Doctor Who when we're trying to watch the show. Oh yea, I developed a bad addiction to Doctor Who after watching an entire season over the weekend.

Mikey was in the backseat by himself singing "Mr. Lonely" hehehhha.

We found a DVD of the first Harry Potter movie and had a good sigh and speculation over what a cute boy Daniel Radcliffe once was. Sigh..

But all good things must come to an end and we had to pack up to drive back to Melbourne. Alana looks like she's talking about something serious.

Yea, it was a pretty exhausting weekend..

Surely even the best photographers liked a bit of mirror shots...

Mikey was pretending to be Spiderman(he has a Spiderman sleeping bag aswell)

The most sensible shot probably..

Everything is green in this picture..weird.

Awwww...Megan said something funny during dinner. We were talking about drugs for some reason and Megan suddenly said "Oh yea, we did drugs at school the other week!". Everyone was like O_o She meant "We learn about drugs at school the other week"

The windscreen was covered in little hand prints =P

Mikey is so strong he carries his bike instead of riding it.

Big hug. Lexie the dog has Alana's camera round her neck. She used to try and eat me everytime we met, but after a long car ride sitting next to her, we're like THIS now. See, we even camera geek together now.

On the way back the sunset was beautiful, but ALWAYS on Alana's side of the car. So instead I had to take photos of Alana taking photos of the sunset.

She was admiring the clouds.

So that was my lovely weekend! I'm now a Doctor Who enthusiast and a Mathew Broderick fan.

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jealous to the max.

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yeah its okay cos my fingers are strong now.