lundi 27 août 2007

inversion of matter and negative space

Sometimes it seems that I am seriously ill. Procrastination doesn't seem to be a bad habit, it's a way of life, not the best way perhaps, but a life fit for the lazy. If I do something worthwhile, it would be an accident, and if I am wasting time, I am running on schedule. Nothing doesn't become a regret and what turns out good would be but a stroke of luck, or if I was religious, a miracle from God. I don't feel part of the human race; rather an alienation from everyone who seems to be acknowledging the tick tock-ing of that incessant clock and even if they aren't exactly 'seizing the day', they are at least feeling the days race past. Each day feels longer than the last, yet the weeks feel as though they are tapering away. And the years? - I don't remember the years. Time is always a few steps ahead of me and I just trust that tomorrow will always be there to catch the ugly remnants of today. Am I on a race against time? No, I am simply accepting the fact that I'm going to lose. Perhaps these bitter thoughts are exactly what being human is about. But then I would fall under the dreadful human condition of constantly playing Tetris - you know, that bad analogy I made a while ago - until you don't even know why the fuck you are playing at all. And you wonder if you should even bother trying to win.

One of those inside outside; upside downside; leftside rightside days - or maybe weeks. I hope not years.

I've started to enjoy drawing again. Drawing with markers freehand; it's satisfying to leave a mark and know that even if it was a bad mark, there is absolutely nothing you can do to erase it, you sort of just have to make the most of things and move on from there.

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JLOW a dit…

its good, because im supposed to be doing my macroeconomics assignment, and instead im reading an ESSAY about procastination.

why do you have a cool kid photo blog? i feel very.. inadequete.

and albert on the lake is a freaking shithole venue, i should know i had my year 11 formal there too.

and i wont read any more entries or else i become borderline stalker, and the assignment will really not get touched. i shall look at pictures of clothes instead.

Anonyme a dit…

It's amazing the menial tasks you can get done while procrastinating...sometimes it's actually a good thing to procrastinate...sometimes...

The human race is a waste of life. You wouldn't want to be one of them anyway...they're boring and smelly.

"Each hour is an eternity, but the days fly past instantly."
Not sure where that's from...

Everyone loses. The point is just to lose with style =)
Either that or enjoy losing.

Anonymous I

sunni muchacha a dit…

thanks oliver, and i'm 99% sure anonymous 1 is oliver.

and if it happens to be eric, congratulations on spelling and punctuation!

Anonyme a dit…

Ok, now I'm afraid. As if you cannot tell the style and vocabulary differences between Oliver and Eric. They are like, totally different. like, totally.

As with procrastination, I find that I work harder and faster in short burst of productivity. So procrastination is a good thing, especially if it's slightly constructive.

But it is true, as our mountain of homework decided to multiply extensively, the days become longer, weeks become shorter and the year flys by while our minds are still trapped in February.

anonymous II.

Anonyme a dit…

Well, as far as I can ascertain, Anonymous II is Lobster. Which means that Sunni Muchacha is...Eric!


Anonymous I

sunni muchacha a dit…

anonymous 1 is a pea brain evidently. sunni muchacha is obviously sunni, seeing as...why the FUCK would eric have me in his display picture?

and i was simply trying to encourage eric by suggesting that he *could* have written that.

Anonyme a dit…

And obviously Sunji-Muchacha canna' take a joke...

Anonymous I

stressed a dit…

okay, firstly i refuse to be called lobster. secondly, i am not ANY of those people. To clarify this, i will now make all future comments in french. I refuse to be confused with ....*cough* others.

Anonyme a dit…

Sorry, it was Funkertrunks' uses of "totally" which put me off =P

At least I think it was Funkertrunks.

Hah, refusing to be called Lobster like I refused to be called Ollie? Well...let's just say that didn't go down too well (thanks to Funkertrunks & Fudge, the entire SAC contingent calls me Ollie now...)

Not so Anonymous I

sunni muchacha a dit…

all of you.

please stop commenting on my blog if you don't write your name. this is getting confusing. eversince eric started using capital letters and mozilla firefox(spellcheck), he and oliver have the same distinctive "i try to sound smart and witty but fail" style.

fucking stop with the anonymous 1 2 3 4 5 and so forth.