jeudi 25 septembre 2008

thinking about my thinking

I don't like to write about personal things on here, or anything too deep and profound. It's not that I only have shallow thoughts, but I just don't want to share them with the world. My friend tells me I have intimacy issues. I wonder why I blog at all then, if I'm only going to hoard my thoughts to myself.

Yesterday I was at the library, and I was reading, not a book off a shelf but the wall of a toilet cubicle. Admist scrawls of "I love Ben" and the occasional "I love books", I saw something which appeased my morbid sense of optimism.

"I am dying. We are all dying...what defines us is the style with which we do it."

4 commentaires:

Yarshk a dit…

I guess i have intimacy issues too. All I blog about are metaphoric stories or abstract sentences. I'm too afraid to talk of reality. I find it boring.

p.s. I love that quoted sentence.

la petite rêveuse a dit…

Hey I read that too!

I'm evidently not as weird as you are eric, I have no intimacy issues. Shallow as a pool and open to the public.

For example I was just thinking about the phrase 'What we do not what we are' and thinking it was very silly and then about how the anglican church apologising to charles darwin is stupid since their teachings are fundamentally oppositional to darwinism since we're evidently not all equal.

And then thinking about my biology exam.

Revilo a dit…

Hmm, it's interesting. Because so few people read my blog, I'm happy to post just about anything, unless it directly involves one of the people I know reads it, in a way that wouldn't be comfortable conversing about it.

Or if I do do it, it remains anonymous, no names said.

I like thinking about thinking. The only problem is if you spend too long doing it, your head starts to hurt.

...I tend not to use public I miss out on the more charming of the urinary scrawls.

Plus, in a male toilet it's more likely there'll just be penises drawn all over the place.

"Shallow as a pool and open to the public."
Well, that has terrible double innuendoes.
Call me sick, but that is what came to mind first.
Almost as bad as Eric's comment about you and replacing humans with animals.

.michky a dit…

Zomg I go to that toilet all the time~! xD
It also says something about some girl who loves writing &wishes her boyfriend would understand that she needs to go to the library a lot or something I can't remember.
I have intimacy issues too, there are many things I tell no-one =[