vendredi 19 septembre 2008


September: I start to lose count of the days and weeks. It's that month which marks the beginning of the end, the first -ber month. My holidays, if I can call it that, began a week ago, and I have slept like a Disney princess, waking only when the sun is so high that my face begins to burn from the sunlight through my windows.

Traditionally, during September holidays, I like to be spontaneous and lazy like the weather, but what I need this year is routine before I dream away another week. I get nervous when I talk about time in large increments, so I have been thinking about it in terms of hours, sort of less overwhelming. So, about 164 hours ago, I loaded some 35mm film into my Holga (not cause I'm arty, just cause I'm poor) and went for a walk with Alana and her rabid dog.

It was beastly hot and taunted me to shave my legs.

I apologise now for the blossom photos overkill. (it's spring, I'm female)


The light leak right across her mouth is very Joker.


We saw this mammoth tree of blossoms and bees.

I think Alana took this one. My face was meant to be double exposed in their somewhere...

I picked some branches from that tree for my bathroom.

The next day we had brunch somewhere. Alana is reading her new book of poems by some guy. I need to stop with the gratuitous double exposing. I somehow think I get more value out of a roll of film if I multiexpose every frame, but as a result I seem to have ruined quite a number of shots.

I'm not sure how many days later this is. Here is Jayne beneath the train station. I'm hoping to go back some time and try to take a shot that's actually in focus.

It was 4pm by then and I hadn't eaten anything since the night before (this week I have been skipping a lot of meals by accident - I just seem to forget to eat). I fixed my starvation with this gigantic bowl of pho, possibly the most satisfying meal I have ever eaten.

Some holes in buildings under construction.

The cherry tree in my frontyard which has finally remembered to blossom. This may sound silly, but I was so relieved.

That's about it for now. I am feeling quite lonely. It seems as though everyone has disappeared, or do you miss me too?

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We are never truly alone, it'll be a matter of time before the feeling passes.

You don’t need to stop the gratuitous double exposing; it just depends on your subject. Try imagining the shot in your mind, it might just help.

i hope you dont mind, i've been a silent reader for quite a while. just never knew what to say.

Matt Lew a dit…

Well...I may be too poor now to afford developing film. >_> I WAS saving up for a rangefinder camera but today I was in a car accident and it's going to cost be around $1200 so sort everything. T__T Goodbye money.

nonpareil a dit…

ah...matt! well it's good to see that you're at least dealing with it yourself rather than sucking up to the parents. unlike my friend...he's crashed his bmw(his first brand spanking new car) about 4 times now although he's only had it for about a year. and his parents cough up each time, in fact he doesn't even have a job. parasitic kid...

by the way, you know that camera market you went to back in february or something...did you say that it was on again in october? i want a new camera. shit bored with loading 35mm into holga, and even my 50mm lens has been fucked up since february.

wow, long comment, i hope your attention span was long enough for it.

kastanj a dit…

thank you for your comments dear. your blog is beautiful. love /c

Yarshk a dit…

Let's go to the park. It's spring and flowers are in need of crushing.

gilda a dit…

those are absolutely beautiful. i miss my lomo cameras too!