mardi 25 décembre 2007

My family doesn't celebrate christmas, and I'm in a country which doesn't get dark enough for fairy lights to show up until after 9pm. But none the less, it's hard to be bitter on a night where most of the world is being jolly, so Merry Christmas!

I made cake!

It's in santa colours. Sort of.
I also made a "season's greetings" photo of myself because I have no other photos to post (mum's computer I am using).

"Oh look a face and a Nikon lens cap"
Seeing as it's 1:40am and I can not be bothered leaving the vicinity of my bed, that picture is as creative as it's going to get. Also I don't have photoshop or paint either :O I can't even doodle on my "season's greetings" picture. Sorry to disappoint fellow (and exclusive seeing as there are so few of you) blog readers. I wont be having any posts with interesting photos of my boring life for a while because my computer is gone and it's an ass editing photos on a computer which only has "microsoft office picture manager". I am probably one of the 3 people in the entire world who have ever used that program. Bill Gates is probably going to start stalking me now for being so nice.
For those who remember, my Holga has arrived! As has my 5 rolls of 400vc portra. I can't wait to go out and take some shots. I haven't really left the house much the last 5 days, been caught up in watching Korean dramas. If you have a moment at hand, go google "Hyun Bin". He's my latest Korean infatuation, mostly because he has dimples. Ok judge me.
In the following days I look forward to:
- leaving the house
- the boxing day sales
- going to see "The Golden Compass"
- taking the Holga out for a maiden voyage
- New Years
- escaping this country before the temperature hits the high 30s
My flight to Shanghai is on the morning of New Year's Day. I hear that Shanghai now has an H&M store AND it's 4 storeys. Oh joy, it better not let me down.
Anyway, enough of this ramble. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, or if you don't celebrate Christmas, hope you have a Merry Tuesday. And lest we forget, happy Birthday baby Jesus.
Sunni xo

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Anonyme a dit…

Are you kidding? When the rest of the world is being merry, it's the perfect time to be bitter! Don't get caught up on the bandwagon...=P

Oh, but what was cool, we noticed on the way home from midnight mass that someone had got brown paper bags and put candles in them along an entire street.
It was a really cute idea, little lights all the way along the strip of grass.

Woot, Exclusive. I like exclusive things. Like peanut butter and ham sandwhiches. Now that's what I'd call exclusive!

Judge you? Dearie, I judged you years ago. Still sticking with that judgement =P

Maiden Voyage =D

What are you doing for new years? Anything?

He's not a baby any more. He's one hell of an old fart.

Enjoy Shanghai. More cool people (and I use that term loosely) leaving. You suck!

Anonymous I

Anonyme a dit…

h&m is overrated.

Matt Lew a dit…

The golden compass????? That

Merry Xmas btw! =D

dawn. a dit…

heyy...was just u use a digital camera to take most of ur photos??
if yes, how do u make the object focused and the bkground blurry?

tag me back! LOVE~

sunni muchacha a dit…

to the person who thinks h&m is overrated: :O :O :O

yanaiswasted a dit…

omgeee the cake!
i'm so hungry right now.