vendredi 7 décembre 2007

learning to love myself more

Ok, I admit it, yesterday's entry was half ass. Just a shoddy haiku and didn't even have witty(I try) subnotes to the photos. I was in a hurry and annotating everything is getting tedious. Today I'm gonna concentrate on quality over quantity. Not many pictures, not much happening, no chronology.

ALOR. The holidays are upon us (us being most private school students in Melbourne) so not much is going on in quiet inner suburbia. I watch movies, surf the net, paint, read and go for walks in the afternoons. My destinations are simple; anywhere with humans. Being home alone is not good for my mentality (nor hygiene and diet).

A few days ago I went perambulating around the neighbourhood to visit Alana.


We had nothing better to do than play in her dad's study room. Her dad has the weirdest things in that room; it's like going to science works and a toy museum at the same time.

Maybe it was all the sci-fi posters/books we saw in the study or maybe it's just Alana's effect on me; we ended up watching Doctor Who episodes again.

When Megan came home from school she squealed when she noticed what we were watching. She thinks she's the biggest fan of Dr. Who but obviously, her dad is more fanatical (since 1960s) he is, afterall, the one that buys all the DVDs..

Maddy + afternoon light in B&W looks good.

We were reading this astrology book.

I can't help wondering whether writers of these books make sure they're writing the same thing as to not contradict eachother or do they make up original are we readers meant to decide which book to buy? The one that's like all the others (so it has credibility) or something unique and refreshing? Anyway, who cares. I like those books either way because they never say anything bad about you. Sagittarians (like myself and Maddy) are apparently free spirited, courageous, creative, spontaneous, confident AND good in bed. No, there is nothing we don't excel in.

Speaking of books:

I bought a book today (this is the site for it). Short stories by Miranda July because I watched "Me and You and Everyone We Know" again this morning and fell in love with her awkward humour and pathos again. I'd been eying it at the bookstore for a while but didn't want to buy it because it was rather pricey for a paperback and I didn't know if an entire book of her quirkiness might be rather insipid by the end. Ah well, we'll see how it goes. I'm in the mood for reading so anything will do.

While on the note of Miranda July appreciation, let me share with you this website she made called "Learning to Love You More". It's probably the sweetest site I've seen in a while. Maybe I'll attempt one of the assignments some time. I think I'm just prone to anything that woman does. In the words of Anne of Green Gables "we are kindred spirits". I'm not's just exciting to find a female auteur who has the most beautiful curls.

Right. I think that's it for now. I'm going to go read and maybe, if you're feeling rather bored, you should go attempt one of the assignments on that site.

- Sunni

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Anonyme a dit…

amazing picture quality! what camera do you use??

sunni muchacha a dit…

i use a nikon d70. in these photos i'm using a 50mm f/1.8 lens. thanks