mardi 4 décembre 2007

i am the walrus

I was reading over some of my past entries and I'm pretty sure I have bi-polar aswell as multiple personality disorder. It seems as though my mood fluctuates from HAPPY HAPPY! to dark and brooding way too often.

Well today is a HAPPY HAPPY! day. I'm done with school and have had a lot of hanging around cafes thus quite a few photos.

First it was this Japanese place called the Chocolate Buddha. Yea, don't get the name, don't ask.

Mich took these of me and Gabby being tools.

In this shot I am doing my signature "retarded stranger in the background" face.

I realised I look like a monk in that dress. It looks nicer on the hanger, oops.

Gabby wont let me photograph her properly anymore because she doesn't think I ever make her look nice.

This is Bernie eating the mint garnish on Caity's greentea ice-cream. This girl will eat anything.

We had a lot of trouble trying to split the bill.

Afterwards we moved on to another cafe for coffee and cake!

I decided I wanted photobooth pictures. We spent ages trying to find a photobooth and when we did the place smelled like ancient piss and the shots were taken without warning. They are probably the worst/most disgusting photos of me and Kim and Julie everrrr. (I have a lolli-pop in my mouth)

I think I spent Sunday cleaning the house. And then I took photos of my garden! I took these through some fabric so they're blurry and funny coloured.

We're growing tomatoes, it will be fantastic when they ripen :)

And some cliche photos of feet. Yum.

Monday I had to go to school to pick up some books and damn it, fuck my school for being so fucking big. It was pouring and my school was flooded and I had to get from one end to another.

This is a photo of a corridor at my school. Cute.

Took this one as I waited for the fucking rain to calm down. (don't know why I had my camera on me that day..)

Anyway, yea, I got soaked that day. Me and Bernie went to our favourite cafe later to have a lot of tea and hot chocolate. I was able to wait out the rain thank god.

Today. Kim and I went to see "Across the Universe"! It could've been about a couple of mountain goats grazing and we would've still loved it because it featured so many Beatles' songs (I've gotta say, mountain goats doing a cover of a Beatles' song would've been good entertainment none the less)

We were wearing out matching rings which I got at the market a while ago. Cute.

Afterwards we went to St. Kilda to meet up with others.

She gets worried everytime I point my camera in her direction.

Ok, THIS is cute. Awwwwwwww ^^

These are two flies on Michelle's back. She's been paranoid about flies since one flew into her eye last week and gave her blood shot eyes for 2 days. (it's funny to think about for me..)

We were meant to be going to the beach but I didn't even bother bringing bathers. I wasn't going to go into sea water at any temperature below 30 degrees.

Leanne bought some amazing ice-cream. heheh

It's so cute when my friends actually pose for my photo.

Afterwards Leanne went straight back to her ice-cream.

Total poser. (you should click on this and see it larger)

So. That sums up my Saturday to Tuesday. I might update this sometime soon because I have nothing to do now. My life is pretty boring. No body really wants to see photos of me and my friends eating, I know. Sorry for wasting your time, go make a cup of tea.

- Sunni

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Duo a dit…

omg ur blogs are so cool... i love the picsss!! *sigh* wish i could take such cool ones.. :(
heheh. hope ur enjoying ur holissss!! im so bored already.. and its only the first week.
oh well.. i quite like the idea of bumming around aimlessly. :D
*bops along happily*

Matt Lew a dit…

The coffee + hot choco in HK isn't really that great. =\ Seems to not as good as Melb. =p Apart from that the Food is GREAT! Buffet woo! So full though. @___@ I got me Sigma lens. It's quite nice. The focus ring is a little "stiff" but I've noticed this on the other Sigma lenses I've tried.

It sucks not being able to speak canto. Now I'm too worried about going out and getting ripped off so I go nowhere without someone who can speak with me. Now mum has gone shopping so I am in the lobby using this free wireless.


you say its cute, and yet i'm not. meanwhile, even though st kilda is gross, the pics we take there always look nice.

Anonyme a dit…

I expected to be happy happy at the end of school. To tell the truth, I just didn't care. Meh.

I did want to do something that night, but friends are crap and all, and live far away. So I think I just watched a movie and fell asleep. Boring, I know.

My sister used to work at Chocolate Buddha. She hated it there, not going into why, but apparently it's not a nice place. Also ostensibly expensive. I think she stole glasses from there when she left >.>
I could be wrong though.

You're not so bad at "retarted friend in the foreground" either.

Ah, but that's the charm of a photobooth. All the random photos are always more entertaining than people just sitting and smiling...and the ancient piss scent adds character. It's a common complement to the entire demeanour of the box.

I know, Monday was really really really heavily raining at about 1.
I was walking to school xD
Was so much fun...^^

Is it just me or are photos of Lobster wearing that expression amazingly common? The one that has the caption "she gets worried" etc.

And yes, the cute one is incredibly cute. 21st picture much?

I had the same sort of problem with a fly, I was jogging and one flew into my eye from the opposite direction. Didn't damage it as much as Mich's, but hell, it hurt for about five minutes.

Posing = bad photos. You take them from out of nowhere, they're the best xD

I'm already drinking tea.

Anonymous I

Anonyme a dit…

wahhhhh tu vas me manquer!