mardi 1 janvier 2008

happy 2008

(Before I leave this 'till too late):
Happy New Year friends, bloggers and pedophilic lurkers of cyberspace!

LOOK! The arrival of 2008 has turned me green and scary! Well too bad, this is what you're going to have to look at for the next month because I just remembered blogspot is blocked in China. I hear you say "WTF?" and believe me, I have done my fair share of wtf-ing at this matter.

No matter, here's some nice generic city-scape at night time photography to hinder my potential hiatus. First I started photographing babies and now this. Looks like 2008 will be a riveting year of photography for me. (underneath all that cynical sarcasm, I'm actually surprised at how good Melbourne's Southbank can look)

We spent the night at a friend's city apartment to see the view of the fireworks from their balcony. Really, do not understand the hype of fireworks per se. Took this only because everyone wanted to see what it would look like on my big obnoxious camera. And now I am posting this only incase some of you are into this style of festive photography. Really, I am not feeling as disdained as I sound...

I think I'm just grumpy at my lack of nye's party-ing and/or lack of starting this dreadful year wasted. I don't know about you, but the most amusement I got out of tonight was having the guy on the balcony above call down to me in every asian language he knows. After noticing that I wasn't responding, he asked me if I was "Japanese?" or "Korean?" maybe "Thai?". His friend suggested "Chinese?" yes, bingo. And then came a "Oww fuck, I can't say anything in Chinese" in a heavy Irish accent. haha, funny bloke.

Anyway, I'm off now to catch a few hours of sleep before my flight to Shanghai tomorrow morning. See you's in a month's time then. Don't miss me too much.

God kvall min sot,
Sunni xo

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youtube 'tecktonik lyon' a dit…

7th [January, 2004]
I'm in bed now, the electric blanket is on -even though it's midsummer. Today, a week into the new year and only now I have a resolution.
For this whole year I will make a diary entry for each week. There, I wrote it, also I want to be 'noticed'. I think I have huge potential but I don't know how to 'get out there'. So... Fireworks this year were the BEST EVER!
We usually stay at the Oh's house 'til New Years, but this year we didn't. Most of this week. Wake up at 'round 11am, eating, watching tv/playing games, eating, watching tv/playing, sleeping and then doing it all over again. That's about it. actually no! I'm getting ready for school I've organised my c/o books and I bought stationary and textbooks today. I can't believe I'm going into year 8!

First term, Thusday 30th of January [2003]
Today semmed to take a really long time, I was so nervous this morning... and then I found out we had school photos! While I was waiting in line I met Anna Donaldson and Devika Bhatia. I found out that Devika went to Livingston Primary, another girl I know went there. Today I had English, History. I talked to quite a few people but not everyone I was too nervous.

Sunday, 7th of March 2004
*Get at least above 98% for my IB Course
*Go to Melbourne University or Uni Overseas

10th of March 2005
Hi! There’s nothing really to say, I have 18 days left of school, I go to Marshmead in 47 days and I have laughing fits about things that really aren’t funny.
‘That’s so funky!’
‘Is my homosexual cheese a boy or girl? How can I tell?’
‘Bez, Bez, Bez of the garden, Watch out for that wall!’
‘Ho and Mo’
‘I’m a leprechaun!’
‘Pookey and Romeo.’
Funny little Quotes that I’ve been thinking are funny.

Tuesday 31st of January 2006
Anyway I’d love to update this but I’ve got so much homework. It may be the first day of ‘real school’ but the teachers aren’t slack. Besides the fact I possibly have the worst timetable, as in hard subjects and not particularly great teachers, its hard. I mean class after class of taking notes, there doesn’t seem to be a break without PE, Home Economics, Art, Drama and Music schools kind of boring. I really should go though, Maths, Religious Education, Commerce Social & Environment and English homework aren’t going to do themselves.

-Night of-

I had a list of new years resolutions that were the same as dianne’s but I wrote my own yesterday that I thought were better…
New Year Resos
 Save money - by 31.12.07 have $5000+
 Work hard at IB & complete CAS requirements
 Make lovely new friends – be nicer

Thinking of myself and how much things dont change...

newton_and_darwin a dit…

hey, i somehow found your blog and i just had to say that i really like it. great photos. so keep it up! cheers from norway

Anonyme a dit…

Hmmm, I have to wonder in that whether I come in to category one or three...

Hehe, great firewall of China xD
Suck =P

"Big Obnoxious camera"
M'dear, I don't think you could have described that camera any more aptly than that =P

Anonymous I =)