mercredi 15 août 2007

no one tells US how to party

Last Saturday, it was Bernie's 17th birthday party...

and when I say birthday party, I mean a real BIRTHDAY party ;)

with REAL party hats, of course.

There were plastic champagne glasses :9

Alana was very smug to be at a REAL birthday party.

We played games like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'. And, obviously, 'Pass the Parcel'. I won, the prize was Merlin's facial hair.

Alana styling my prize.

Duh, of course we played 'Musical Chairs'. The competition was pretty violent in the end.

Check out Caity's swift, whole body twist, turn and hop.

Alana can't beat that. ^^

A lot of balloons were blown. But subsequently popped for fun.

Gabby sporting my prize.

Who does it suit more, Gabby or Alana?

We also had a piñata, as every good birthday party should. Our's was in the shape of Elmo :p

Belle, nursing Elmo, expressing her maternal side.

And, Belle, expressing her Xena side. I guess most people feel this way about photographers "If you shoot me one more time, I am so shooting you back." I should watch my ass in future -.-

All good feelings for Elmo the piñata was lost soon enough. That cloud of dust coming out of Elmo's derrière is in fact sherbet. (NB: Do not put sherbet into piñatas, or anything else that you will be bashing with a stick for that matter.)

Motherly instincts all gone for Belle, as she smashes Elmo apart with a grunt. And his sweet sweet insides come gushing out. mmmm

All that remains is but a deformed head.

What does this look like to you?

Eva and Bernie think they make pretty convincing Siamese twins...

Oh yea, did I mention there were ABBA songs? There was a LOT of ABBA.

And that, my friends, is how a real birthday party goes ~

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Anonyme a dit…

No one tells you how to party because they fear your angry retribution when you realise that they're right...=P

Every time I play musical chairs...chairs tend to get broken. Either that or people.
Apparently I have no regard for my own personal safety...


Xena didn't use a bow...she used a ring of metal which bounced off stuff and then flew back to her.
*tries to think about a heroine that used a bow...*
Hmm...Atlanta used a spear.
Oh yeah! The older sister of the two in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I can remember everyone but I have a feeling it's Sophie.

I think the beard fits Alana better. She's got the facial expression for it =P