mardi 2 juin 2009

why bother with med school?

I just realised that my desk is very well equipped for opening a small family clinic. There is one extensive biology textbook, one organic chemistry textbook, 5 books on contraception*, a dissection kit, antiseptic spray, half a box of antibiotics, one and a half boxes of band aids, medicinal cough lozenges, individually wrapped tissues, a roll of very strong adhesive tape(you never know), eye-drops and some kind of Chinese ointment for clearing up infections. 

There is a possibility that this mini-clinic could also provide dental/orthodontic services as there is also a pair of dainty pliers and 5 packets of orthodontic elastics (3 in the size "Cliff", 2 in the size "Chuck") askew on my medical menagerie of a desk.

* I imagine distressed and pregnant teenage girls coming to my clinic for advice so it is good to be prepared. (I also happen to be writing an essay on contraceptive methods throughout history. And yes, my library borrowings are looking somewhat seedy due to those 5 books.)

2 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

What kind of family clinic is it that promotes contraception?
One with bad business sense, that's for sure!

Yarshk a dit…

Sunni's Clinic. It's got a ring to it.
A very dodgy run-down, asian-run ring.