vendredi 5 juin 2009

a list of simple girly pleasures

which you would induct into your weekly routine if they didn't, in reality, cost (in terms of time, effort or money) more than they're worth:

- making your own gourmet salads
- knitting
- weekly brunch with the girls
- scrap-booking
- inventing new cupcake flavours
- baking these exotic cupcakes and sharing them with friends at themed picnics
- taking polaroid pictures of said events
- exploring your mother/grandmother's closet and reviving vintage items they no longer wear
- going for long walks during transitional seasons
- tending to your garden so that there will always be freshly cut flowers in the house
- self-manicures
- relaxing baths with scented oils 
- collecting the orange cover Penguin Classics books
- buying fresh produce from the market 


It's ok, the rest of us girls are yet to make a dint in that list as well.

4 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

I'm making a dint in that second last one, though I have to admit I'm also getting the black covered ones as well :D

wenbo a dit…

the "reasonably priced" penguin classics are deceptively expensive. they're collectibility and large range is not conducive to the mental well-being of those individuals with obsessive personalities. i have three. i intend on getting (and reading) enough to fill up one entire shelf of my bookcase. that equals a lot of foregone caffeine..

sunni a dit…

deceptively expensive sums up most of that list...

sunni a dit…
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