lundi 15 juin 2009

a mystery

In my neighbourhood, there is an alarm that goes off at least once a week. Sometimes in the day, other times in the middle of the night. It's either a house alarm or a car alarm, and always from the same direction. It usually persists for about 5-10 minutes, although, as with most repetitive noises, it is hard to tell. 

My initial curiosity has slowly oxidised into sour indignation. If someone can offer a reasonable suggestion as to what is setting off that alarm so often, I may be able to stop ill-wishing the owners of that house/car. My latest ill-wish was for them to die from carbon monoxide poisoning from an old heater and then their bodies feasted on by rabid possums which live in between their walls and attics. 

FYI, I don't live in a seedy neighbourhood, so suggestions will have to be fairly mundane yet unexpected for me to accept them. 

3 commentaires:

Revilo a dit…

Rabid squirrels. It has to be.

~ I also have random noises that I always hear...there's a young girl who starts screaming in the middle of the day, following by a woman (presumably her mother) shouting.
Then there's a pair of children who seem to be trying and failing to train a dog, always running past my window (again, during the day) yelling "Archie, Archie! Come back Archie!).
Finally (and not quite as interestingly) there's someone who always comes back at around 11:30, and slams his/her car doors really, really loudly.

Yarshk a dit…

Perhaps your ill-wishes have already come true. That your neighbours actually have died from carbon monoxide. That their bodies actually have been fed by rabit kittens (not possums). Everyone in your neighbourhood in fact ill-wishes them like you do. Just that no one has discovered their decomposing corpses yet. And no one is around to turn off their alarms.

sunni a dit…

oliver: those things sound like ordinary parts of life and there is no strong reason as to why they should be contained. an alarm going off all the time is different - it's not meant to be habitual.

eric: yes, i considered the possibility of that. but this has been happening for years now (at least 3) and considering that there is a healthy flow of traffic and joggers in my the area, it is highly unlikely that no one's noticed 3 years worth of junk mail overflowing out of someone's mailbox.