lundi 2 novembre 2009


For someone who carried around her writing utensils(courtesy of the University's orientation week) in a plastic pocket for a whole semester, I've really come a long way in terms of stationery acquisition.

Exhibit A: my go-to mechanical pencil - reliable, cheerful, erasable and ice-cream shaped. 4 months ago I received it as a gift from a friend. It has since performed the role of being a conversation starter with many a new friends.

And then I have this pen. I friggin love this pen. It has six colours and is the most expensive item of stationery ($3.95) that I've paid for since my duo tip whiteout (a misjudged purchase - only the brush tip works). This pen is so versatile that it is the only one I've used for note-taking since I bought it. You can screw off the tip to see the mechanism inside, something which amused me immensely until I dismantled it too many times and almost broke the black cartridge. Before that happened though, my friend had written a tiny note and put it inside this 'secret chamber' for me to open when all the cartridges run out. Now this pen is not only a work of brilliant design, but also a time capsule loaded with potential nostalgic value. I am so excited. 

Most of all, it encourages artistic pursuit and provides continual distraction in lectures. 

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