mercredi 9 septembre 2009

what's making me happy this week

I like it when I reach an obstacle in my day to day life that seems ubiquitous enough to warrant an invention that solves it, even if I have never heard of such invention. But this is OK because I have access to the internet and I don't live in China so I can google some key words that might be associated with this unknown invention and browse through the top links. This is really a win win scenario; if the invention exists, I can then ebay it and see how much it costs, if the invention doesn't exist, I can feel prophetic when it does come to existence. 

So anyway, since I bought my Nikon FM2, I've had the dilemma of needing 20/20 vision in order to focus manually. Although I'm short-sighted, it's not serious enough for me to wear my glasses 24/7. This made it a constant nuisance to have to whip out my glasses every time I wanted to take a photo, especially during leisurely moments. For a while now, I've had an inkling that there must be some kind of device to correct this. I was right, it is called a diopter. And they are cheap too! I found this out through googling "short-sighted manual focus camera" and then searching "diopter -2 nikon" on ebay. 

I love this age of technology.


3 commentaires:

Madelene a dit…

I need a new camera! But I cannever decide which one to get, I am too comfortable with the old.

Anonyme a dit…

the photos of bill gates used to be my screensaver

sunni a dit…

madelene: i've been getting rusty with my photography knowledge but i would still highly recommend a good old slr (preferably fully manual). judging by your blog, it would suit your penchant for classic items with nostalgic value.

ingrid: good taste.