jeudi 10 septembre 2009

in which you are the last man on earth

The 'Contemporary' rooms were as cliche as you can imagine - white walls, tall ceilings and a polished floor that scintillates. It's rare to be alone in such a space, especially with nothing in your hands. Usually there is at least a coat or a small bag in your arms to fidget with. When your hands are free, you become particularly conscious of the way you walk. I notice that only one of my shoes tap, the other slides with a schwoop. I echo tap-schwoop through three white cubes of space. 

There is only one other person: an elderly security guard sitting in a chair. He must be the most introspective person in the world. All day sitting in a white box, staring at dimorphic shapes in primary colours. Nothing but the resonance of an occasional tap-schwoop. 


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Madelene a dit…

This would make me very nervous, the room I mean. My movements and the noise they make would seem too great, my body would feel much too heavy.

Yes, I overthink things.