mercredi 13 mai 2009

maximising student potential

You have reason to judge your lecturer when she announces that there will be a 10 day extension for all students in regards to the subject's largest chunk of assessment(50%). And no, not because we have all been hard hit by swine flu (chortle chortle), but because the tutors felt that our drafts were weak and they want us all "to do better". I would be more relieved and less judgmental if it wasn't for the fact that this "huge" assessment was actually a meagre 1500 word essay. And we even had a chance to receive feedback on our drafts. And about 2 months to work on it. And this is the so called highbrow system of university. Somehow it feels more like year 3 when we had to design our own cereal boxes after learning about wheat for a term. 

(This sounds like complaining but really I am gloating that I had the foresight to pick a subject which has been running for only two years. Even the professors have little confidence in it, so as students we get the rare benefit of the doubt.)

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Jane a dit…

haha good luck with your paper then!
you are lovely and so is this blog! nice post on schiele :)
i love pink dolphins so much
thanks for the comment at Sea of Shoes!