jeudi 28 mai 2009


I was walking past the Architecture Building with some of my classmates the other day and we all remarked on the lingering smell of vomit in that surrounding area. Sarah pointed out the vomit tree, but Ben made a point that it was not the smell of vomit but more likely fertiliser. I was undecided.

...days later..

I walk into the bathroom inside the Architecture Building at 10am and enter the first empty cubicle. Before any unzipping can occur I hear a curious grunting and gasping sound emerging from next door. Thoughts and images flash through my mind. Someone is constipated. No, someone is having sex. No, someone is throwing up. I hear gagging and the non-mistakable smell of vomit creeps into my cubicle. I sit down on the toilet and think about why someone would be throwing up at this hour. Maybe she has an upset stomach, maybe she has been drinking all night (plausible: I can see her feet and they are enclosed in red heels), maybe she is pregnant, or maybe she is bulimic. Juicier yet, maybe the only reason why she vomits is to sustain the unrelenting odor of vomit in this area of the campus. Maybe she vomits in this cubicle every morning at 10am and the toilet flushes directly into the surrounding soil and vegetation.  

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Isabel a dit…

That was fascinating to read... It really makes you wonder.