mercredi 20 février 2008


This is what I'm wearing to my year 12 formal:

The corsage-like bracelet included. OMG, I know. It's going to look soooo amazing. I'm really excited and happy.
All I need now is to find out which designer makes this, find out how many thousands it costs, find the many thousands of dollars which I will need to make that payment and get some killer Louboutins! Oh, and I'm going to need Gaspard Ulliel on my non-bracelet arm. Omg life is so good and fair.

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Anonyme a dit…

my mum is over me.
i am over me.
br just called me to tell me they have a formal date.
there was literally screaming down the phone.
i dont know.
but it hurt.
and now i'm DEpressed.
and my mum is laughing.
and trying to set me up with hiros.
and all i want to do is have someone drop dead gorgeous and preferably of european descent.
but no.
life is evil that way.
okay, i whinge enough.
i hope you enjoyed the nekkid people today.

sunni muchacha a dit…

dear anon-gabrielle,

there is enough hiros to make a mount hiro =( but what i want is a god damn gaspard! i'm sad too. cheer up old girl, we'll go together as a pair of old maids and be bitter.

and yes. i enjoyed the nekkid people very much. can not wait for more.

Anonyme a dit…

want to be in denial for the fact that i have been letting people done and i dont know why well i do but i just forget and now i'm sitting in history sad.