dimanche 11 novembre 2007

I get so used to things. I get so used to being 16 and can't believe that, not even long ago, I was 15. Change is something unfathomable; I can't believe it'll happen or that I'd ever accept it until it comes. I shouldn't take things for granted, but so often I do the opposite and anticipate a big turning point but am disappointed because it doesn't seem to come. The truth is, I WILL be 17 in a little over a month from now, but that doesn't mean an epiphany will fall out of the sky(as much as I would like one to). Things are changing around me all the time, but I seem to stay the same. I'll start saying "I'm 17" but it means the same as "I'm 16". I waste my life over thinking things and get no where. Come to me in a year's time and I'd probably be dishing out these same shitty thoughts.

I don't even know what I'm talking about. Don't listen to me, I'd probably just infect your brains.

- Sunni (stressing out)

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Matt Lew a dit…

My dA journal really made you think that much aye. Xp

Anonyme a dit…

Of course. Life is ephemeral and change is always occuring, unless it's a sudden change we often do not notice it.

So perhaps the best thing is just to accept it's happening and ignore it? =P

(I really like the first picture =D)

Oh noes, brain infection five hours before my 3/4 exam. Think I could get a doctor's certificate for that?

Anonymous I

sunni muchacha a dit…

i think i ignore everything subconsciously anyway. either that i don't notice it in the first place.

and definitely, i will get my orthodontist to write you one, i am going to see him this afternoon.