mardi 20 novembre 2007

Antiques Roadshow. If you haven't seen it, you haven't started appreciating human potential. Seriously, how do those antique experts know so much? It simply boggles the mind, they are amazing. I might be biased though, I'm slightly addicted. Got addicted during exam time in those empty afternoons meant for cramming (I prefer to cram at night). Today there was this amazing collector's item: a mechanical swan clock. It was beautiful, I am currently lusting over it. One day I will have my own collection of unique antiques.

So, my random new phase aside, exams are over! Yay! I'd be a bit more enthusiastic if I hadn't failed maths and chemistry. But I'm not really crying over that either since I have my extended essay and world lit essay to begin with. *profound sigh* And it's really hot too. I have this analogy for my body in this heat. I am like roasted meat; after being baked in the Australian sun on high heat, I have to let my flesh rest in the shade for at least 5 minutes so that my juices(read: body fluids) can settle before I do anything else. Some say this is a pretty gross comparison.

Anyway, I bet you are all dying to know what I have done to celebrate end of exams. No you probably aren't. Well, I haven't really done anything anyway. Sometimes my friends and I do wonder if we should be more like ordinary teenagers and get wasted at parties, but instead we think more about nerdy things like working on our extended essays. Today was meant to be a holiday, but we went to our school physics lab anyway to help Bernie with the practical component of her physics extended essay.

As you can see, serious business going on here. A lot of technical equipment plus some food articles like honey and soft drink and also a few wine glasses and a violin bow. "What the?" I hear you say. Well, Bernie is investigating sound waves. Something about how the frequency changes depending on the density or temperature of the liquid it travels through. I'm sure there is some point to it but I never actually asked...

We had to do that thing which Sandra Bullock does in Miss Congeniality. The vibrations from the glass were rather hypnotic, the whole time it was like we were in a movie about UFOs and cornfields.

A lot of difficult calculating. *wink*


We used my honey for the 'denser liquid'.

Cleaning up was a sticky job.

And then we found these lights which look like duck eggs.

I came up with a geeenius idea: draw a dot on the lights and you've got yourself a pair of Simpsons eyes!

Bernie thought it was pretty funny ---- until I realised the dots wouldn't wash off. I think the lights were important and new. Bernie is worried because it's her who does physics and she's the one who booked the lab...

But, all in a days work. We had burgers afterwards and talked about what kind of person eachother would marry when we grew up.

haha, what a girly thing to talk about. I decided Bernie was going to marry a dorky Jewish boy who worked for MSF(medicins sans frontier). I think that would be cute :)

Tomorrow is back to school. Will be getting exam marks back. Oww shit, wish me luck.


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Anonyme a dit…

Ugh, I hate the heat as well. It ruins my mental capacity...I just can't think! =(
Really loved the last two days of rain and chill, it's been terrific!

You know what else couldn't stand the heat? Oliver's computer. It did what Sunji's computer did, and the RAM inside it corrupted on Monday because of the heat. Grr.

Hehe, I know what Bernie was investigating! If only I could have been probably would have been pretty interesting :)

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of person did you decide *you* would marry? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

The not so anonymous I.
P.S. Be careful of ducks over the next few weeks...I hear there's a conspiracy to raid your house at some point and swipe that rather important piece of roast meat that you call your body.