vendredi 19 mars 2010


Medicine is so serious. In my art history class, all the aspiring art history majors, of whom I am very spiteful of, pretend to be serious, but really, how could they be? Nothing is detrimental to a goal like their's, nothing except an innate insensibility to the humanities. In which case, no amount of seriousness is going to save you. Medicine on the other hand is built on seriousness. Each step towards it is like a systematic process of elimination. Everything is detrimental. Preparing for the pre-med exam is making me realise how incompatible I am with the system. I am not a serious person. 

-Ryan McGinley

2 commentaires:

matryoshka a dit…

Hey, being an Art History major is a lot harder than everyone thinks!

sunni a dit…

oh, i'm not denying the difficulty. i'm just saying that it's less brutal and more forgiving. unlike the gamsat.