samedi 8 août 2009


My friend and I have this hypothesis that the majority of males have at least one component of their full name beginning with the letter "J" or "D". It just struck me how true this is when I realised how many famous names can be (or already are) abbreviated to JD. Here is a very short list which I've just whipped up:

- JD from Scrubs
- JD from Heathers
- JD Salinger
- Jack Daniels 
- Johnny Depp
- James Dean
- Jeff Daniels

JD in itself has become a common name, with or without acknowledging that it's only the initials to something else.

5 commentaires:

la petite rêveuse a dit…

You forgot M. J, D and M.

sunni a dit…

YES! you are right. other popular abbreviations include: MJ

- Michael Jackson
- Marc Jacobs
- um...

la petite rêveuse a dit…

Mary Jane...
I'll endeavour to see your sunny smile tomorrow!

Revilo a dit…

I'm glad you added M, since that's the start of the most common English name (Michael).
Your most common male names are Michael, Matthew, David, Daniel, Jacob, James, John, Joshua (I wouldn't have guessed Jacob and Joshua), Ethan and Robert.

Bit of a silly hypothesis, really, considering just how many names begin with those letters (silly as in...unnecessary, because it's plainly evident).

sunni a dit…

it's not silly because the fact that it's common doesn't mean all boys will have a part of their name beginning with it. and m isn't included because my real revelation was the fact that jd is almost a name in itself.