samedi 9 août 2008

all i do is lie to myself

In a moment of quiet contemplation, I realised why I enjoy photography. It isn't because I want to capture precious moments(sometimes, maybe); but rather, I want to recreate them completely - often deceptively. In effect I play my own God, and everyone wants to be their own God. When I see these pictures in 20 years time, I won't remember how bored or stressed I really was at the time. All I'll be thinking is "Oh, that looks like it was a nice day. And how young our skin looks!"

fuji 400 in holga, it's sort of my thing.

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Revilo a dit…

Perhaps it's not so much recreating as creating. You want to create a world in which there's beauty and smiles more than tears and unhappiness.

Perhaps that's why I dislike photos. They can never capture the moment, the amalgam of emotions going around.

But I like yours, because they are pretty. And the holga shots have a sort of abstract and ghostly quality to them =)

nonpareil a dit…

i think when the moment is perfect and something unique, i want to capture it as it is. but more often than not, all i'm doing is having lunch or walking around the drab neighbourhood. times like that, it's nice to have the power to re-create them into better, prettier memories.

(psst, you're in the last shot. i didn't think they'd turn out, but they did! sort of....well, you can see for yourself =P)

Revilo a dit…

I'm well aware I'm in the last shot. I remember you taking the photo, I glanced around and there was this big gaping black hole looking at me.
Luckily you can't see my face =)

Yarshk a dit…

I find that photography hardly ever captures the moment. But it rather captures something else that should or could of been, if the world was merrier.

So, i agree with your photography philosophy.

.michky a dit…

I like Sunni's pictures :]
I can see myself in two of them xD

Revilo a dit…

What an egotist.